Linn Alfredsson

Linn Alfredsson is the project manager of Tech Academy and responsible for starting this unique program for law students in Lund. She is currently working as a legal counsel at H&M based in Stockholm, Sweden, where she supports all H&M brand divisions and around 70 markets around the world. Alfredsson has a particular legal interest in new technologies and corporate social responsibility for global corporations as well as an interest in the implementation of new technologies as a tool to improve efficiency within international organizations. Alfredsson is a member of the Global Advisory Board at the Business in Society Institute at Berkeley Law and was a contributing writer to the UN Global Compact Guide for General Counsel on Corporate Sustainability, with a focus on blockchain and its impact on supply chain. Further, she obtained her second LL.M. degree and a certificate in Law and Technology from UC Berkeley School of Law in 2018. Alfredsson continues to conduct research in Stockholm in the area of emerging technologies and their implementation, with a focus on risks and possible application