Ana Nordberg

Ana Nordberg, is Associate Senior Lecturer at Lund University. Previously in her career, she was a practicing lawyer and later researcher at the Centre for Innovation and Information Law, at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen (2010-2017).

Ana Nordberg has a strong interest in science and technology, particularly, but not restricted to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and health-wellness sectors. Her research addresses legal issues surrounding emerging technologies with particular emphasis in Patent law. The use of cross-disciplinary contributes is a main component of her approach to research and teaching.  Including cross-fertilization between a broader spectrum of topics, perspectives and legal fields such as intellectual property rights, open innovation, competition law, health law, technology regulation, EU and international law, comparative law, legal theory and methodology issues.

Current research interests include: Digitalization in health, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Gene Editing, 3D printing, Synthetic Biology and Nanotechnology.

Further information available Here.